How to be a better ally to transgender folks

This is a beautiful piece written by Jess Tam. They wrote this originally here but with their permission I can post it here as well. I think the message in this post is important. I’ve considered myself an ally for the LGBTQIA+ community, but this piece made me see how much more I can beContinue reading “How to be a better ally to transgender folks”

Writing motivation advice

Why even listen to advice on writing from a person who doesn’t like writing? Well because getting motivation advice from a person who likes writing is like getting budgeting advice from a billionaire. Getting motivated to write for me is hard: This is because writing does not come easy to me. Words don’t just magicallyContinue reading “Writing motivation advice”

Formula for Writing

I like math. It’s straightforward, it’s easy, it goes from a-x in a straightforward formula and there’s a right or a wrong answer. As a child I’d love getting math homework, because I’d finish all of it in class. I’d be able to do the majority of the questions in my head. I’d typically onlyContinue reading “Formula for Writing”

I’m a woman in STEM

All views and experiences are my own. My experience will be different from other women. Every place is different, every discipline is different, and every person is different. I saw a Facebook acquaintance post this status: “None of my women friends have ever felt uncomfortable at work or in their environment, we are a family!”Continue reading “I’m a woman in STEM”

Big mistakes I made in writing

Thank you to everyone’s positive comments on my previous post. I wanted to share my biggest mistakes that I was making. These are mistakes when it comes to academic writing, creative writing has many rules that are meant to be broken. 1. Run-on sentences: Growing up, I was taught to read and write in Russian,Continue reading “Big mistakes I made in writing”