Resumes and Cover Letters: A brief how-to

I recently ran a workshop at my university where I gave advice on writing resumes cover letters. Here’s a summary of what I covered. There are free resources that you can access with this folder here: Remember the employer looks at your resume for about 7 seconds before they decide if they want to hireContinue reading “Resumes and Cover Letters: A brief how-to”

How to be a better ally to transgender folks

This is a beautiful piece written by Jess Tam. They wrote this originally here but with their permission I can post it here as well. I think the message in this post is important. I’ve considered myself an ally for the LGBTQIA+ community, but this piece made me see how much more I can beContinue reading “How to be a better ally to transgender folks”

The history of evolution

Natural historians loved to categorize living things. Aristotle was a great observer, he is credited with creating the “scientific method”. He carried out some of the first empirical studies. He categorized living things into 3 categories and within these categories “like mates with like”: Plants – vegetative soul which allows them grow Animal – sensitiveContinue reading “The history of evolution”