Formula for Writing

I like math. It’s straightforward, it’s easy, it goes from a-x in a straightforward formula and there’s a right or a wrong answer. As a child I’d love getting math homework, because I’d finish all of it in class. I’d be able to do the majority of the questions in my head. I’d typically onlyContinue reading “Formula for Writing”

What do I research?

If you have little to no biological background I recommend you check out my blog posts on evolution 101 and sexual selection 101 to better understand what I research. Only have a minute? No problem. Here’s a quick overview: But if you want to delve in further then read on! Did you know that sexualContinue reading “What do I research?”

Evolution 101

Throughout my young academic career, I’ve noticed young students might not always understand evolution. So here is my brief explanation of what evolution is. Contrary to many popular beliefs, evolution doesn’t have a “goal” nor does it try to make things “more complicated”. It is also not linear. Evolution is actually very random. That’s whyContinue reading “Evolution 101”

I’m a woman in STEM

All views and experiences are my own. My experience will be different from other women. Every place is different, every discipline is different, and every person is different. I saw a Facebook acquaintance post this status: “None of my women friends have ever felt uncomfortable at work or in their environment, we are a family!”Continue reading “I’m a woman in STEM”

I hate writing. Here’s why.

It’s a pretty bold statement, but let me explain why. I am an immigrant. I know… You couldn’t tell with my excellent Canadian accent. I get this all the time ‘but you speak English fluently, how could it be your second language”. Let me tell you a short story of how I learned English. WeContinue reading “I hate writing. Here’s why.”