Sexual Selection 101

Remember how I said evolution was random here? Well here’s an exception. Sexual selection is a driver of evolution that is more streamlined than natural selection. While natural selection is “survival of the fittest”, sexual selection is “survival of the prettiest”. In a very basic sense. Sexual selection is most often driven by the “choosier”Continue reading “Sexual Selection 101”

Evolution 101

Throughout my young academic career, I’ve noticed young students might not always understand evolution. So here is my brief explanation of what evolution is. Contrary to many popular beliefs, evolution doesn’t have a “goal” nor does it try to make things “more complicated”. It is also not linear. Evolution is actually very random. That’s whyContinue reading “Evolution 101”

I’m a woman in STEM

All views and experiences are my own. My experience will be different from other women. Every place is different, every discipline is different, and every person is different. I saw a Facebook acquaintance post this status: “None of my women friends have ever felt uncomfortable at work or in their environment, we are a family!”Continue reading “I’m a woman in STEM”