The history of evolution

Natural historians loved to categorize living things. Aristotle was a great observer, he is credited with creating the “scientific method”. He carried out some of the first empirical studies. He categorized living things into 3 categories and within these categories “like mates with like”: Plants – vegetative soul which allows them grow Animal – sensitiveContinue reading “The history of evolution”

Writing motivation advice

Why even listen to advice on writing from a person who doesn’t like writing? Well because getting motivation advice from a person who likes writing is like getting budgeting advice from a billionaire. Getting motivated to write for me is hard: This is because writing does not come easy to me. Words don’t just magicallyContinue reading “Writing motivation advice”

Formula for Writing

I like math. It’s straightforward, it’s easy, it goes from a-x in a straightforward formula and there’s a right or a wrong answer. As a child I’d love getting math homework, because I’d finish all of it in class. I’d be able to do the majority of the questions in my head. I’d typically onlyContinue reading “Formula for Writing”

How I try to be more sustainable

The earth is doomed; Unless we make some drastic changes. Now I am well aware many of these changes need to be done on a much larger scale but I cannot just give up. I want to hold myself accountable for how I live and I want to live a life that is more sustainable.Continue reading “How I try to be more sustainable”

Sex, Genes, Technology, and Humans

I recently got the opportunity to read Dr. Rob Brooks book “Artificial Intimacy” and then got to interview him for our podcast “Boiling Point“. As per usual, when we have such fascinating guests we always run out of time before we can get all of our questions answered and our curiosity on the subject satisfied.Continue reading “Sex, Genes, Technology, and Humans”